House Rules

The Colony Club expects both Members and their guests to observe the rules of the Club. To do so, the Club kindly requests that Members inform and regularly remind their guests of the rules and policies before their visit. The Club greatly appreciates your help and your guests' compliance.

  • Dress Code: Appropriate dress is required in the Clubhouse at all times. Appropriate clothing for women shall include suits, dresses, skirts, tailored slacks, blouses and sweaters. Men must wear jackets, collared shirts and ties. Men are not required to wear ties during the summer when dining on the Roof Terrace.

  • Electronic Devices: The use of cell phones, laptop computers, iPads, electronic book readers and any other personal electronic devices is strictly prohibited in the Club's public spaces. The silent use of electronic devices is permitted only in the Drawing Room on the First Floor and the Writing Room on 1M. The use of cell phones to make or receive phone calls is permitted in the four telephone booths on the First Floor.

  • Social Media: Photography is allowed in the Clubhouse for private use only and may not be published in any manner, electronic or otherwise. The conduct of business meetings and the display of business papers is prohibited in the public areas of the Clubhouse. No representative of the press or any other media is permitted in the Clubhouse except in a non-professional capacity. Members and non-members are expressly forbidden to give any information regarding Club matters to any newspaper, periodical or publication or in any way to make such matters public without written permission of the Governing Board.

  • Gratuities and Service Charges: No Member, guest or visitor shall give money or a gratuity in any form to anyone in the service of the Club, with the exception of hairdressing employees. Contributions may be made to the Employees' Christmas Fund at any time during the year.